How can you lose weight with this incredible drink

Celery is one of the healthiest vegetable, and we should include in our daily diet. This vegetable has the ability to cure stress, fatigue and obesity. Below you will find the best remedy for them.

Wine celery recipe:

A great way to consume celery and take full advantage of its benefits is by preparing such fortified wine. Need one fresh root, natural wine and some honey.

-a large celery
-one liter of white wine
-100 grams of honey

How to prepare

Clean and wash the celery well. To be sure that we will not add pesticides in wine, leave the celery for 20 minutes in a solution made of water, apple vinegar and baking soda.
Then chop the celery and put in a jar, add honey and pour wine over it. Close the jar tightly and let it soak for 2 days.
This preparation is consumed in small doses, about 2-3 glasses (30-50ml) daily.

Therapeutical effects:

Wine has a pleasant smell and flavor similar to pineapples. Surely you will not have problems drinking it. It will stimulate and strengthen your whole body and will fight stress, fatigue and obesity.
It removes water excess from tissues and supports weight loss. Besides it also purifies the blood and can be used in kidney disorders.

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