5 natural ways to detoxify you skin

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To start all over again, you have to get rid of bad habits and to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Perhaps the first thing you have to do in 2016 will be to follow a detox diet. How about if you do the same thing for your skin?

Sea salt
Scrubs or baths with sea salt not only exfoliates, but also moisturizes skin, as researchers from Kiel University, Germany found out. After just 15 minutes, it restores the skin barrier that keeps toxins away, and the effects are visible after six weeks!

They lower the level of pollution damage, preventing the collagen and elastin break out. Search for serums with vitamin C or products with natural pomegranate or berries extract.

Coal is very absorbent, cleaning the pores dirt. You can find it in plenty cleansing products and for better results you should leave it to react for ten a minute.

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Is a coal substitute, having the same properties only that it doesn’t let you with dry skin. Choose face masks with clay and vegetable oils.

They stimulate blood circulation long enough to restore lost shine. It doesn’t clean your skin as well as clay or coal, but often you’ll find them together. Algae contain many antioxidants and are rich in detoxifying minerals.

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