No more dry hair. Natural treatment for split ends

Many people are careless with their hair, because they haven’t got enough time or the will to take care properly, which is why it falls and loses its shine. Even diet affects hair’s health. Fortunately, there are ways you can revitalize your hair with this homemade recipe of a natural conditioner that nourishes and restores your hair.

Rosemary oil hair conditioner

Rosemary is used to prevent split ends and hair loss, but is also a gray hair remedy. This oil is great for dry hair and an excellent remedy against dandruff. It stimulates hair follicles helping hair growth.

To prepare rosemary oil conditioner, add half a cup of dried rosemary in a half a cup of sunflower oil. Heat the mixture then strain it. Apply it from the roots till the split ends. Leave it to act for 15 minutes then rinse and wash your hair to remove all the residues.

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