Cure stomachaches with this natural and cheap anti-inflammatory

Potato is often used in European cuisine. This vegetable is often associated with poor men’s food but it has many health benefits.

Soothe stomachaches
Potato is one of the most alkaline food ingredients and its juice may be useful in neutralizing stomach acid. In addition, it’s helpful in reducing gastrointestinal inflammation. To treat this condition, consume 3 tablespoons of potato juice daily with half an hour before meals.

It’s a great anti-inflammatory
Because it’s rich in minerals, potassium and organic salt, potato is considered one of the best anti-inflammatory ingredients. Therefore, raw potato juice consumed frequently can treat rheumatism or arthritis, and gout, lumbago disease, joint pain or back pain. For best results, consume raw potato juice in the morning before breakfast.

Indication: you need 3 peeled potatoes. Put it into a juicer and drink a glass of potato juice, daily on an empty stomach. You have to drink this juice fresh.

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