Thrifty Trick To Get Rid Of Greasy Hair

Nowadays there are many hair care products, but women are looking for all kind of unconventional alternatives. Aspirin is not only used as a medicine but also in cosmetic purposes and it removes sebum excess from the hair giving it a rich, silky and shiny look. Many women have managed to get rid of dandruff completely by using aspirin.

We can say that aspirin is a quick and efficient remedy for hair looks and its action is long lasting. It doesn’t nourish, but it acts more on its hair look and the positive effects are visible after the first application.

How to use aspirin for hair care:
You can add in your hair mask by grinding 4-5 pills.

There is a simple method of application:
Grind 2-3 pills and mix them with a normal quantity of shampoo. Apply the mixture on your hair, rub it well and leave it for 2-3 minutes. Rinse and the results will surprise you. You have to wash with this mixture at least once a week.

You must know that aspirin shouldn’t be used on dry, thin and damaged hair. The treatment is only for oily hair.

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