How To Get Rid Of Broken Capillaries Without Surgery

Broken capillaries on the legs are an aesthetic problem and not treated on time, they can cause real health problems. These are usually small veins red or purple and most often are seen as if they were twigs. Broken capillaries can cause pain, and many people resort to surgical treatments to get rid of them.
But there are also natural remedies to get rid of this problem.

You need:
-apple cider vinegar
-bandages (optional)

The first method and the simplest is to moisten bandages in apple cider vinegar then apply them above the affected area. Massage the affected area with gentle moves toward the heart then wait a few minutes lying on your back and your legs at a higher level than the body.

The second method involves drinking apple cider vinegar. Fill a glass with apple cider vinegar (approx. 250 ml), then add sugar and honey, mix well and drink. If you don’t want to use sugar, you can use a natural sweetener. It’s necessary to drink at least 1 glass per day.

Image Credits: Sliang3

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