Combat Osteoporosis With This Miraculous Remedy

Many people suffer from osteoporosis and most of them are women.
To treat osteoporosis you can try a natural treatment, simple and extremely effective made from honey, nuts and eggs.

You need:
-15 organic eggs
-15 to 20 lemons 15-20
– 1 kg of honey
-1 kg of grounded nuts
-200 ml of brandy or Swedish bitters

Method of preparation:
Grind finely the egg shells until you get a powder. Next step is to squeeze the lemons. Pour the lemon juice over the egg shell powder and leave it in a dark place until the powder melts. The melting process will take about 15 to 19 days. Occasionally stir into the mixture with a wooden spoon.

After the egg shell powder is dissolved, strain the composition and add honey, walnuts and brandy. Place the preparation in the refrigerator and you can consume it the next day.

The recommended dose is 2 tablespoons, 3 times daily after meals. This natural calcium diet can be repeated after six months.
This natural treatment is very effective not only for osteoporosis but also for descaling, etching in rheumatic diseases, rickets or bone fractures.

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