How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain With This Russian Ointment

Joint pain becomes unbearable and the cold and wet weather leads to a severe pain. The following recipe, very appreciated in traditional Russian medicine will prove its efficiency from the first application.

To prepare you need the following ingredients:
This ointment has amazing effects on pain and is based on a traditional Russian recipe and uses handy ingredients that every housewife has in the kitchen

– 1 tablespoon of honey
– 1 tablespoon of mustard
– 1 tablespoon of fine salt
– 1 tablespoon of water

For this recipe it’s appropriate to use Epsom salt because its therapeutic qualities are recognized to soothe sore muscles, sprains and bruises.

How to prepare the ointment
Mix all ingredients until you get a homogeneous mixture that you’ll store in a plastic container. The amounts for this ointment will last a few days. You can add a pinch of ginger powder and half a teaspoon of turmeric to increase the ointment’s effects.

How to use
Apply the mixture over the painful areas then cover with a plastic bag and a clean cloth (or a scarf). Let the ointment to act for at least 2-3 hours then remove the compress. Ideal is to apply the cream before bed to let the cream act overnight.
You should repeat this procedure 5 times. The ointment will be kept in a refrigerator.

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