See What Your Tongue Has To Say About Your Health

Each person has a unique tongue which reflects the health of that person. In alternative medicine doctors will always look at your tongue first.

In traditional Chinese medicine tongue is considered the authentic map of the entire body, reflecting both deficiencies and excesses. The shape, color, surface and texture of the tongue show any digestive problem or imbalances in the body.
The perfect, healthy tongue is pink with a few white dots on the surface and its size is proportional with the mouth.

– A red tongue may be a sign of high temperature in the body, such as fever or a hormonal imbalance that results to heat bursts of heat or temperature changes.
– A purple tongue is a sign that the circulatory system is affected by a serious injury or a sore in the body. It also might be an inflammation or infection.
– A pale tongue is a sign of a deficiency or a low energy level, common in anemia cases or after a long illness which weakened the immune system.

Tongue surface:
– A thick surface reflects a serious disease and a poor digestive health.
– A thin surface is normal, but if it’s too thin it indicates a lack of fluids in the body.
– A yellow surface indicates fever or an infection in the body.
– A grey or black surface indicates a serious health problem.
– A thick whitish surface indicates a low temperature in the body, bad blood circulation and possibly an infection with Candida.

Its form:
If the tongue is swollen with teeth marks around the edges, it may be a sign of poor nutrients absorption. It may indicate also a blood stagnation and toxins accumulation.
A thin tongue is a sign of dehydration.

Its texture:
If the tip of your tongue it’s swollen may indicate a viral or bacterial infection or an allergic reaction to food or medicine.

Canker sores usually appear under your tongue and they are round with red edges and yellow or white in the middle.

The presence of a white or gray lesion with a hard surface, thick to the touch that seems to come out of the tongue may be leukoplakia, a mucous membrane disease caused by irritation due to dental interventions or tobacco consumption.

Spots: If you notice some spots that change their location daily, it means that you suffer from a harmless disease but uncomfortable, called geographic tongue.

Stripped language: A tongue that shows notches, wrinkles or cuts could be fissured tongue (scrotal), a harmless condition that prevents the maintenance of a clean tongue.

A swelling or pain located on one side of the tongue may indicate cancer and it’s better to see a doctor.

Any burning, intense pain, loss of sensory ability or inability to move the tongue requires a consult to the doctor.

Every tongue area corresponds with internal organs. It is said that our tongue is the mirror of our body.
Thus, the tip of the tongue corresponds to the heart and lungs.
Back of the tongue corresponds to the kidneys, bladder and bowel.
The center of the tongue corresponds to the stomach and spleen, and tongue sides to the liver and gallbladder.

Here are some tips to improve digestion and tongue appearance:
Consume probiotic fermented foods and beverages to balance the digestive system.
Eat until you feel 80% full and it’s better to eat organic food.
Eat cooked foods to give enough digestion heat.
Add herbs and spices to improve digestion.
Drink hot ginger tea with 20 minutes before meals to improve digestion and eliminate nausea.
Take digestive enzymes to increase minerals absorption.

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