How To Use Makeup To Look Younger

Makeup was created to beautify and to help restore confidence. We can offer some guidelines to look younger, because without realizing, you’re making some mistakes that get you older, instead of getting you beautiful. It happens sometimes to point out the flaws you might want in fact to cover. However, given some makeup rules, you’ll be able to look natural and beautiful.

Highlight your face with liquid foundation
Powder can get into fine lines on the face, highlighting even more the fine wrinkles. Choose a liquid foundation that stretch much better and doesn’t tighten in the wrong places. If skin is oily, before applying foundation use a special base to fade excess skin glow.

Use a makeup sponge not to leave traces. The product is placed on the face by dabbing not stretching, and thus you’ll obtain a longer resistant makeup.
After applying your foundation, you can easily brush the cheek diagonally right on the cheekbone with a blush giving you a fresh look. But be careful not to overdo it!

Botox effect in pale shades
Lips aren’t the way they used to be as a teenager, so you are tempted to use strong colors, to highlight them. However, this isn’t the best option that’s why we recommend pale pink shades.
Just like a black, simple dress, will help you in having tiny hips, intense lipsticks will create a shrink effect. Shiny and light-colored lipsticks will leave the impression of bigger lips.
If you use a shiny gloss is better, because it will reflect light, and the surface will appear bigger. In addition, to avoid lipstick leakage, use a lip liner in the same shade to contour your lips.

Sharpen your eyes more expressive
Over the years, lashes suffer a few changes and they aren’t intense as they used to be. Use heavy black eyeliner to color the roots of eyelashes, where mascara can’t normally reach. On the lower eyelid apply a pale shadow to brighten the eyes.
A tip for the lashes regeneration is to use twice a week, castor oil, by massaging gently. Castor oil stimulates growth and prevents eyelashes loss.

Cleansing prevents aging
Another technique to maintain a youthful face is to cleanse in the morning and in the evening. Use the right products for each skin type, and in the end you can apply thermal water or toner.
Makeup is like a business card, so be careful how you present yourself.

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