Potato Peels Decoction To Stimulate Hair Growth And To Stop Baldness

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Although beauty industry gives us a lot of products that promise us incredible effects for our hair, most of the time the results aren’t desirable. Not to mention that these beauty products contain harmful chemicals for the body. But we are lucky to have nature, and borrow all the good things from her to maintain our beauty. In addition, they contain chemicals harmful to the body. Luckily nature supports us and gives us healthy and effective alternative. And did you know that potato peels water have amazing effects over your hair?

Potato peels water – the solution that revitalizes your hair quickly
Natural ingredients, most of the m are already in your pantry, often prove to be your best ally in your beauty ritual. And potato peel water has helped women over decades. If you used to throw potato peels, you should give them a try and prepare the best hair growth solution. Potato peels contain potassium, calcium, manganese, zinc, iron, vitamin C, thiamine, riboflavin, substances with incredible properties for your body.

Benefits of potato peels water
– strengthens hair roots, thereby preventing hair loss;
– nourishes and moisturizes scalp and hair, which means that it prevents its dryness and there will be no split ends;
– stimulates hair regeneration;
– Provides natural shine and volume;
– covers white hair threads, acting as a natural hair dye

Method of preparation:
To prepare this incredible remedy you need the peel of 5 potatoes and water (as needed). Put the potato peels to boil, and after the first simmer, turn the stove on low heat, and let it simmer for half an hour. Thus, the liquid will be concentrated. After the solution was cooled, strain it and put it in jar with lid, and close it.

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As a tip: you can leave some potato peels in the jar, and remove them when you intend to use the solution.

To benefit of this solution properties, wash your hair like usual then rinse your hair with this solution. Repeat this treatment 2 to 3 times a week and you can enjoy its beneficial results from the first application.
Potato peels water is recommended especially for brunettes, because it can darken your hair color. Of course, blondes can use it too, but they should consider that it may darken they hair color with a tone or two.
Potato peels water is an excellent remedy for your hair. After just 2 weeks of regular applications, you won’t believe that your hair has become beautiful and rich.

Image Credits: Feedyourskull

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