How To Get Rid Of Ringworm With Garlic And Charcoal

Charcoal was used as a medicine since ancient times. Nowadays, doctors recommend the use of activated charcoal for water purification of radioactive contamination. Also, it can be used in treating different affections, and ringworm infection is among them. Russians used ash, directly from the oven, to treat various diseases. They were preparing a solution made from charcoal with water and oil in equal amounts, or they were using dry ash. In both cases, the ash (charcoal) treatment is very effective and it can be used by anyone because it has no side effects. To get rid of ringworm lesions you can try the following natural remedy with guaranteed effects.

You need:
– garlic cloves (depending on the ringworm lesion)
– birch charcoal
– burdock root

How to prepare:
You have to grate the garlic cloves and place them in small bowl. Prepare a juice from the burdock root (add the root in the juicer) and mix it with the birch charcoal until you from a smooth paste.

First, you have to rub the area, gently, with the grated garlic and let it act for 10 minutes. Remove the garlic with a cotton pad then apply the paste made from burdock juice and birch charcoal. Let it act for 20 minutes. You can cover it with a gauze bandage. Repeat the procedure three times, once a day. You’ll see improvements from the first application.

Image Credits: Naturalsociety and Theprepperproject

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