How To Get A Porcelain Skin With This Homemade Mask

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If in Europe and America is very trendy to have a tanned skin, the women from Japan have another beauty standard. Japanese women are known and appreciated especially for their white porcelain skin, which in the past was also fashionable in Europe.

It is said that Japanese women have white skin because they avoid sun’s rays by wearing sun shades permanently. This is half the true, because the other half consists in healthy eating, facial massages and lifestyle.
Facial massages improve blood circulation, and the skin becomes smooth, healthy and elastic.
Secondly, the Japanese consume a lot of meat, and the daily menu is based on vegetable products and fish. We can say that Japanese women are always dieting.

And thirdly, Japanese culture is poorly focused on emotions, so Japanese women are less emotional. This doesn’t mean that they are more sad or unfortunate, but simply in Japan to show your emotions isn’t such a great thing.
Keeping their emotion locked, make Japanese women to resist stress, which guarantees the quality and health of the skin.

If you want a porcelain skin, we recommend that you keep in mind the above information and use the following beauty mask regularly:

-3 tablespoons of rice
-3 tablespoons of warm milk
-3 tablespoons of honey

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How to prepare the mask:
Boil the rice until it softens then strain the liquid and keep it in the fridge to rinse your face 2-3 times a day, because rice water is very moisturizing. It contains antioxidants and blocks the penetration of UV in the skin.
Mix the rice with warm milk and honey until it’s homogenous. Apply the mixture on your face and let to act for an hour. Rinse your skin with warm water.

Another Japanese trick is to massage your face for 30 minutes in the evening. This will improve blood circulation and will prevent your skin from acne, dark circles and blackheads. You can use skin brushes to massage your skin and you’ll get rid of dead skin cells, too.

What can I say this is a real beauty ritual, easy to make and not to mention that is very relaxing!

Image Credits: Enrichyourday

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