Get Rid Of Cellulite From Inside-Out With This Last Minute Treatment

Knock-knock! Summer is near, and we all want beautiful, smooth legs. But sometimes the reality is another, because at certain age “the orange peel” starts to appear on your tights. But, you can rid of cellulite with this last minute treatment from the inside-out.

We all know that the best way to combat water retention and cellulite is nutrition: we have to drink plenty of water and eat our meals regularly.

Below, you here are four effective recipes to combat cellulite from inside-out:

1. Pineapple and ginger juice
You need: 2 fresh pineapple slices and 1 teaspoon of grated ginger. Place the ingredients in a juicer and drink the juice immediately, before breakfast on an empty stomach.
Pineapple is rich in fiber with low calories that contains bromine, an enzyme with anti-inflammatory action. Ginger stimulates blood circulation, helping to burn fat from the inside.

2. Beetroot, carrot and apple juice
You need a medium beet, 2 medium carrots, a medium apple and a cup of water. Put the above ingredients in a blender and drink this juice before breakfast on an empty stomach. This is a juice rich in vitamin C with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Kiwi, raspberries, strawberries and cranberry juice
You need: 1 kiwi, 75 grams of raspberry, 75 grams of strawberry and 75 grams of cranberries. Put all the fruits in a juicer and drink the obtain juice on an empty stomach before breakfast.

4. Green juice
You need: the juice from 1 lemon, half a cup of fresh parsley, 1 celery stalk, five large spinach leaves, half a teaspoon of grated ginger, half a cucumber, and 1 apple. Blend the above ingredients and drink this green juice on an empty stomach. Green juice is great for other affection, like heart diseases and body detoxification.

For remarkable results, it is recommended to have a 10-day cure, serving this drink before breakfast.

Image Credits: Today.mims and Fitnessforweightloss

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