The Sponge Effect Cream That Wipes Off Pigmentation Spots In 1 Week

Sun exposure doesn’t leave you only with that perfect tan it also leaves that unsightly pigmentation spots on your skin. But these spots can disappear with one of the best depigmentation homemade cream ever!
This depigmentation cream recipe has excellent skin effects. It doesn’t only erase pigmentation spots like magic, but also fades the wrinkles, gives brightness and firmness to your skin, making it more revitalized. Your skin look will be improved from the first application.

Ingredients and benefits
– 375 g of yoghurt
– 4 almonds
– 2 tablespoons of lemon juice
– a spoonful of honey

Prepare an almond powder by grinding the almonds at an electric grinder or with a grinder. Or you can just buy almond powder. Then put the powder in a bowl and add the other ingredients over it. Mix everything until you get a homogeneous composition. Store this depigmentation cream in a sealed container and keep it in the refrigerator.

Apply this cream every evening after you have cleansed the skin properly. Wait for ingredients to take effect for 20 minutes, then remove with water and dab your face with a soft, clean towel. You can use the cream on other areas of the body with pigmentation spots.

For better effects, use this cream periodically, not occasionally. Avoid using it during the day, as lemon juice sensitizes the skin when it’s exposed to the sun. The pigmentation spots will begin to disappear after a few weeks, if you used it regularly every evening.

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