Homemade Sugar Paste To Get Rid Of Unwanted Hair

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Everyone has body hair – under their arms, legs genitals and so on, but there are less fortune ones that have hair on their back, arms shoulders and the worst, on their face. And men can use very easily a razor to get rid of it, but women can’t do that because the hair thread will thicken and you’ll get a dark and rough area. Laser can be an option to remove unwanted hair but it’s quite expensive, and other options will produce a disaster, so the best option is natural remedies. They won’t harm your skin and won’t thicken your hair, and you’ll get rid of it. at least for me it worked like magic, and I will never try another hair removal cream, except the following one, which is very popular and with handy ingredients.

– 2 cups of sugar
– ¼ cup of lemon juice (squeezed very well and without seeds)
– ¼ cup of water

Mix the ingredients in a pan with thick bottom, on very low heat, so that the sugar melts slowly, without darkening or boiling too fast. To achieve the optimal consistency, it takes about 20-30 minutes, while you have to stir continuously. The resultant paste must be translucent and dark brown to black, but if it is lighter, it means you still have to keep it a little on fire.

Transfer the paste in a hermetic casserole and wait for it to cool, but take great care to handle it because it is very hot. You can use it right away, after it reaches room temperature, or in another day, after you warm it a little bit in the microwave.

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How to use depilatory cream
First of all, make sure the skin is clean and dry, without any traces of cream or oil.
Take a handful, roll it between the palms until a ball is formed, then stretch it on the desired surface in the opposite direction of the hair growth. Put it down with your hand until it fixes well between the hair threads, and then, through a sudden movement, pull it up in the direction of hair growth.

Since sugar is soluble in water, it is very easy to clean after.

This technique can be used for any area of the body, even for removing facial and inguinal hair, especially as it is less painful. If the first time seems complicated to you, you will see that in time, before you get the technique, it will be easier.

Image Credits: Journaldemapeau and Gippslandunwrapped

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