The Onion In Your Ear Remedy To Get Rid Of That Unbearable Ear Pain

Natural remedies are always a good solution for different things, and onion is an excellent ingredient not only for meals and salads, but also for … health. Used wisely for problem areas, this vegetable does true miracles.

If the ear pain has become unbearable, it’s best to try a natural remedy. The cure is extremely simple and takes the pain away in seconds. Cut a piece of onion and put it in your ear, and this vegetable, with anti-inflammatory properties, will make you forget about the pain felt in your ear. Also it softens the ear wax so that it can be removed more easily. If you do this before bedtime, you will feel much better in the morning.

Other condition you can treat with onion!

Cough or bronchitis
If you place two large onions in 250 milliliters of water and let them boil for 15 minutes, you will get the best wonder syrup. Strain the liquid and let it cool. Sweeten it with honey and drink a cup three times a day. Thus, you’ll get rid of the annoying cough.

Lowers fever
A cure with onions is excellent for lowering the fever. Put a few onion slices in your socks before bedtime. The fever will drop gradually.

The smell of onion gets you rid of cold
You catch a cold? Try to inhale the onion smell as much as you can. Even if the “scent” is not too pleasant or tears are falling from your eyes, try to resist. It’s for your health’s benefit! You will see that after a few minutes you will feel better: you’ll get rid of stuffy nose and the “cold mood” will be gone. If it doesn’t woks, then boil an onion for 15 minutes and drink the onion tea or try eating a raw onion. You’ll definitely feel better.

Stop bleeding!
If you cut yourself, peel off an onion and cover the cut with the first onion layer, then cover the cut with another onion layer. It will stop bleeding and it will speed up the healing process.

It’s good for infections
Onion tincture, applied to the infection area, speeds up healing. How to make tincture of onion:

Boil some milk then pour it over a slice of bread.
Grate an onion over the bread.
Pass the whole combination until it forms a paste.
Clean the infected area and apply the onion tincture.
Keep the paste on the wound until the paste hardens and absorbs the wound infection.
Careful! The paste must remain on the wound for at least 2-2.5 hours, so that the substances take effect and remove the infection. After the time passes, repeat the procedure.

Onion for insect stings and bites…
… are also removed with onions too. Apply on the affected area, as soon as possible an onion slice in that area. This will reduce the swelling and will absorb the venom.

Image Credits: Healthyfoodstyle

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