How To Get Rid Of Joint Pain With Gelatin

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Joint pains are very difficult to support and can appear at any age. Painkillers or pharmaceutical ointments will get you rid of the pain, but won’t treat the cause. On the other hand, there is a natural remedy that can treat joint pain from the inside. Of course, doctors can give you the best tips and advice to treat joint pain but the following remedy with gelatin turn out in being very effective.

For this recipe you need 150 grams of gelatin. You can buy it from any store and use it for a month. In the evening, before bed, take 5 grams of gelatin (about two teaspoons) and mix them with a quarter a cup of very cold water. Mix well and leave the drink to stay overnight. During this time, gelatin will turn into jelly. In the morning, consumes the solution obtained on the empty stomach. If you don’t like the taste, you can mix it with natural juice, honey or yogurt.

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After a week, you should notice an improvement in joint pains, and after 1 month of treatment you should get rid of any discomfort. You can repeat the treatment every six months. With this method, you will lubricate the joints.

Image Credits: Faithpanda

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