How To Get Rid Of A Toothache In 5 Minutes

A toothache can appear at any moment and it’s one of the worst pains someone can take. It’s mandatory to see a dentist periodically to avoid such situations! Although, if the pain appears and you can’t go to the dentist, you can try a fast natural remedy that can get rid you of the pain in 5 minutes.

Cloves are sweet-tasting spices with a lot of medical properties. They contain eugenol, a natural antiseptic that stops pain and cleanses the mouth of bacteria, eliminating bad breath. If you have a stabbing pain, before you run to the pharmacy, see if you cloves in the house.

How to get rid of pain with cloves
If you have clove powder, the first thing you have to do is to rinse your mouth with salty water. Take between the fingers some clove powder and put it on the hurting tooth. Wait for a few minutes and the pain will slowly fade.

If you have just cloves, take 2 of them and put them close to the tooth that hurts after you have rinsed your mouth with salt water. Wait for the cloves to soften then chew them to release the beneficial oils from them.

Cloves oil is the most effective remedy for toothaches. To use it, you still need cotton buds and olive oil. Rinse your mouth with salty water then mix the cloves oil with olive oil. Apply the solution obtained on the affected tooth with the help f a cotton bud.

Keep in mind that these remedies will help you to get rid of the pain but won’t treat the cause, and you should see a dentist.

Image Credits: Fabhow and Livestrong

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