Natural Antibiotic To Get Rid Of UTI

Urinary infections are among the most common health problems, very painful, and seeing a doctor is mandatory. By the time you get there, you can use a natural antibiotic that is perfect for bladder inflammation. Symptoms that should send you to the doctor are back pain, fever and chills, the presence of blood in the urine, pain in urination and the need to go to the toilet often. The Escherichia coli bacteria is one of the main causes of this disorder.

How to prepare a natural antibiotic to get rid of urinary tract infection:

– 250 grams of parsley root
– 250 grams of lemon peel
– 250 grams of honey
– 2 ml of olive oil

Cut the parsley root into small pieces and put it in the blender, along with the lemon peel, honey and olive oil. Mix all the ingredients until you get a homogeneous paste then put it the refrigerator. Take each morning a spoonful of this mixture, better said natural antibiotic. During this natural treatment, avoid caffeine and chocolate because these substances help the bacteria to invade the urinary tract.

Image Credits: Healthyviral24

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