Forget About Period Cramps With My Grandma’s Natural Remedies

Natural remedies that our grandparents used back in times have always been the best option to replace any medicine, especially painkillers. And every women knows how painful are period cramps ruining your entire day, but trying one of the following remedies may relieve your pain quickly, without taking any painkillers.

Ginger is one of the most popular anti-inflammatory remedies in the world. Eating it raw, in lemonade, or in the form of tea, ginger reduces menstrual cramps and helps the body retain less water. Use it with confidence anytime you face with a pain.

Perhaps you didn’t know but this exotic fruit has amazing properties to balance your period and to reduce the blood flow. It’s good to consume papaya before your period, but also during menstruation, if you want to have no problems with abundant leaks.

Lavender or lavender oil is beneficial for period cramps. If you face with terrible period cramps, just apply lavender essential oil on your abdomen and massage gently. In maximum 15 minutes you will feel better, and the pain gradually will disappear.

Image Credits: Sheknows

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