My Grandma’s Ointment To Get Rid Of A Stiff Neck

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Our ancestors used natural remedies for any health problem, and they weren’t facing with so many diseases as we facing today.

From my grandmother’s pantry, I picked up an ointment for a stiff neck made of salt and sunflower oil. After an exhausting day at work, especially if you stay all day in front of your computer, you get home and feel how your neck actually hurts because it’s stiffed. You can’t move it normally and it’s snapping to a simple left-right turn. The pain caused by a stiffed neck can create serious injuries affecting the neck veins, so there is no joke about it.

Homemade ointment for stiffed neck

You need 2 ingredients that you find anywhere or even have them in the house:

– 10 teaspoons of fine salt
– 20 teaspoons of sunflower oil

How to prepare the ointment
First of all, you have to mix the ingredients very well until they are homogenized. Use a small glass bowl and an eggbeater.

Put the mixture in a jar with lid, and close it tight so the air won’t get inside. Keep the bottle in a cold place for 10 days.

After 10 days of keeping the ointment in the refrigerator, apply the ointment to the affected area and massage gently your neck. The massage shouldn’t last more than 5 minutes. At the end of the massage, you will feel your neck “burning”, calming the pain, and then you will feel a cold sensation.

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There are no contraindications of this treatment, so you can use daily or any time you feel pain in the neck.

Remember: If you have sensitive skin and you have dermatological problems, we don’t recommend this recipe. If you have sensitive skin you can burn or severely irritated it.

Image Credits: Cuisineandhealth

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