Potato Remedy To Heal Those Painful And Itchy Sunburn Wounds

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Sunburns can occur at any time of the year, being caused by long exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun, but you know they usually appear in the summer. So, if there is a negative aspect of the summer, it is that you can get with a terrible sunburnt. Not only that you get discomfort and pain or itching, but it also makes you cover yourself with clothes not to get burnt. To get rid of the sunburn quickly, and not ruin your day, try the following potato remedy:

Potato paste
After a long day at the farm my grandfather used to get burnt on his body and face, and my grandma prepared a potato paste to heal his wounds. It was the only way she could reduce itching, irritation or inflammation.

Here are two options:

Either you apply potato slices directly on the affected area or use only the potato juice.

After you wash well the potatoes, you can grate or blend them. It is important to get as much juice or as a watery paste. Then, in the composition, sink pieces of gauze or cleansing pads, and then apply them to sunburns. As for sliced potatoes, apply them directly to the wound and tie them with bandage, not to fall.

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Image Credits: Goodhousekeeping

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